Very interesting and educational, Abir, thank you.

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Alhamdulillah thankyou

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I guess I just think it’s weird to think a 53 year old man who slept with a 9 /7 year old girl is a prophet.

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So not motivated by promises of virgins in the afterlife? Did Muhammad sleep with a 7 year old?

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All true.

Abir, are you aware that a False Dilemma propaganda strategy was used for 9/11, that is, we were "given" two options:

1. Terrrrrrrorists did it

2. The US govt did it

when the reality was the US govt was responsible but it didn't do what was said was done.

As far as I'm aware any alleged terrorist incident broadcast breathlessly around the world 24/7 is completely staged ... and pretty much always has been whatever its nature.


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