Thank Youssou much for making it so clear for anyone to see.

The Medical Councils are on the wrong side of history.

Today March of thousands of doctors in France protesting against how their profession sold out to big Pharma is so clear, that any Medical Council should sit up, watch, and take the consequences of their adherence to Pharma dictates. They should immediately re-instate the suspended colleagues who did their medical duty in advocating for their patients’ right to informed consent. If not they may well face international legal action.



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You know you're on to something when they come after your livelihood.

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It won’t let me sign the declaration

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Amen, brother in Christ, we fight in the first row, no matter cannon fodder, we don´t quit!

Absolutely, beautiful, kudos, my last thumb up, love it!

In 2010, I wrote a legendary book titled USA United Satanic America reflecting its essence, which was censored, restricted, banned.

I just saw a picture of Sunak and Elensky in a helicopter laughing like the best buddies ever, those Nazi SOB POS MTFs!



Let the tribunals begin! Jaws crack, balls drop, drums, or heads, roll!

In the meantime .... https://liborsoural.substack.com/p/wielding-endtime-divine-scythed-2011

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Or try my hot spa, perhaps? https://liborsoural.substack.com/p/hope-nope-dope-cope

Either way they are to blame ..... https://liborsoural.substack.com/p/monks-or-monkeys-or-mtfs

Not my fault! https://liborsoural.substack.com/p/membership-mandatory-the-enabling


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