Dear Abir, Thank you so much for your caring and gentle urging to those who are just realizing something is very wrong with the last 3 years. You have distilled complex and passionate topics into an understandable and thoughtful early analysis of the COVID catastrophe.

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Than you Abir, I very much appreciate your articles. The TRUTH may hurt but Silence kills. I will never stop speaking TRUTH to Medical tyranny ...

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1. Best avoid relying on mainstream anything as much as possible, because most content is loaded with lies, including by omission and illusion. It's not just the internet which needs a BS filter! There are big lies in STEM textbooks and reference books, too! Gravity, Dinosaurs, Relativity, and an Atomic Fusion Sun, are all nonsense!

2. Stifling Farce. A lockdown was no quarantine, and ironically contradicted all the (natural) "herd immunity" dogma.

3. Suffocating farce. The cheap uncertified plastic masks were dangerously because of the dubious filter media, and all masks with no exhale valves are especially dangerous because of exhaled CO2 and other waste build up.

4. Time-wasting farce. "Social" distancing was nonsense, as were all those useless, ugly, clear plastic, screens, because of suspended vapour/particles physics. I was so annoyed/bored about the former that I'd play a game of seeing how closer I could gradually get to the person in front of me in a "social" distanced queue.

5. Sham Theatre. Testing for fake "viruses", with fabricated signature tests that even fruit caused a "positive", for both PCR and flow tests. The tests were ordered in 2018!!!

6. Was much/any (symptom) treatment (suppression) required, other than a lifestyle change (cure).

7. Yes, all "vaccines" are worse than useless, because of 9.

8. Because of 9., and the far worse biological/chemical weapon content in the C19 jabs.

9. No vaccine was/or is ever safe, all vaccine testing was/is a scam! Germ Theory and contagion were massive lies.

10. Indeed, the maximum corruption of this grand economic cycle is near and will collapse in 2032, then a reset back to sanity again will occur, despite attempts to preserve and worsen this evil status quo.

11. We have probably only seen a fraction of the "Covid-19" jab murder deaths to come. The violated have widely varying resistance and challenges before they "Die Suddenly"!

12. That will sadly probably require making a lot of politicians and executives very uncomfortable, so that they lose the will to oppose justice. Yes, I signed that petition, but doubt that they will listen yet, based upon recent petition non-results, the scum!

13. Some people were beyond reasonable help; I already tried waking some up in Q2 2020 and later, to no effect! The shock of their jabbed friends and family will probably do more to wake them up, as we have seen.

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Listening to lies make you confused. Your brain does not work properly. 


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Wow. The PDF is an incredible resource.

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Is there a petition for the U..S. Govt?

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So, the people that all Western nations' constitutions make as prone to being charged, prosecuted & able to arrest as the rest of us citizens have lied, causing harm & death, & instead of charging, arresting or prosecuting them for crimes like mandating untested products or taking private $ while in public office, you're writing a long diary entry about how hurt you were that they lied?

How up one's Own Ego does someone have to wedge their soul to look at https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=canada+recalls+vaccines+for+causing+blood+clots and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1CE0fMdXjYM yet think that "the TRUE crime is that Daddy-Government lied to ME?"

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Excellent--as always. I too have written on this theme---it is in parts 3 and 4 of my series in UK Column---(part 2 is in today's btw !) What are we doing to our children?

All aspects of policy were seriously wrong -and "they" have known it all along.

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