I would hope that 17 years after the publication of The China Study, which by now is available in 50 languages (or so), the protein myth would have been dismantled, but change takes a generation (or two).

The myth of protein resulted purely from the historical accident that it was the first macronutrient to be identified, and the world has maintained a fixation on protein ever since. T. Colin Campbell's research however has stood the test of time, and his nutrition course is now the most popular online course at Cornell. (see: https://nutritionstudies.org/mystique-of-protein-implications/)

Moreover, we nowt have cardiometabolic testing technology that can sort out the diet mess once and for all, as we can detect immediately and with near certainty the effects of any lifestyle changes a person might try. The food industry has done well for itself by fueling the mythology of various diets, But the facts will eventually win the day. https://www.americaoutloud.news/the-power-of-whole-foods-against-cardiovascular-disease/

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