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Has a crime been committed, what do you think.


9 hr ago

Although you would never know it if you watch corporate media its all coming apart now. The evidence surrounding the vaccine efficacy, media censorship VAERS data, VAERS data coverup and much more is emerging from the shadows.

Now the question is does the concept of Noble Truth justify the terrible price paid by the innocent victims.

Aid agencies are reporting 150,000.000 tertiary dead(not confirmed) due to lockdowns and corporate driven management of the pandemic(opinion).

Early in 2020 some very brave and innocent doctors/scientists testified and informed the American Congress and the CDC/FDA/WHO of alternatives. Doctors of renown, heavily credentialed and experienced in their fields, doctors that had the scientific weight to demand attention.

Looking rearward it seems clear now the corporate strategy did not include any alternate form of attack but the highly profitable gene therapy incorrectly called vaccine. Hence the need for the Noble Truth narrative.

In Canada, cars lined up for PCR testing which we now know/believe was over cycled, to drive the numbers(only my opinion)

Imagine what this pandemic would have looked like if, as an example caplets of Ivermectin were made available at the same time as the drive in PCR program. I am told Ivermectin is so safe the dosages can be approximate. Lets say each PCR tester had a selection of caplets for 100 - 150 lbs 150-200lbs 200 -300lbs etc.. just given as prophylactic. Instead of what actually happened, go home let it develop and if to the point of serious symptomology go the hospital.

Another band of techs specialize in nursing homes distributing ivermectin in roughly the same manor. Possibly at the same time delivering nasal irrigation devices/products and basic training to the staff. Depending on the size of the home a nasal wash every 2nd-3rd day, would that have helped. How many seniors would have been saved dying alone and terrified. Did you have a senior die alone.

Was this a crime or just bad management


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