"How much did these poor practices contribute to 'Covid' deaths during the pandemic?"


I'm going to exaggerate and say 100%. It's not correct but my number is a lot closer than the 'official' number.

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I have an extremely difficult time even reading this. I had heard about this when it began three years ago. It makes me sick. These poor souls could have been saved. I don’t know how ANY doctor or nurse can live with themselves.

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An important compilation

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Kissimmee, FL Press Conference: Your Story Counts — The Untold Atrocities of COVID-19,

October 13, 2022



CHRISTINE OLIVERA: Hello my name is Christine Olivera. I just found out about this a couple days ago, so I just kind of briefly wrote something. I didn't go into great details like some [inaudible]. But my husband's name was Wayne. We were married just under 45 years. We met in England, he was in the military. I got married at 18, he was 21. We had two kids, we have four grandchildren. He beat cancer twice! Naturally. And he was a pretty healthy guy. He had had blood work and everything about four months before he got sick. And when we moved here to Florida he wanted to a part-time job so he went to work at Universal. And he loved it. Kids loved him.

Around the beginning of August he got sick. We didn't even test for covid because we didn't really believe it existed. I mean, SARS-2 is real but covid I don't believe is real. So we didn't even test. But he had a cold, it turned into a cough, and he was sick for a couple weeks at home. And I could tell he was getting worse and worse and wasn't getting better. His doctor only gave him a Z-Pack. Great, that worked. Um, and so on August 14th, I said, you have to go to the hospital.

So he knew about Remdevisir. And he was terrified, absolutely terrified to go to the hospital. So I said well look, we'll write up a letter saying that you refuse it, you don't want it, don't give it. And so I wrote it up. He signed it, I signed it. I called the ambulance.

I actually went in another ambulance to make sure that we didn't get separated. So I had to pay 700 dollars now for an ambulance I didn't need.

But the ER accepted the letter, said that he wouldn't get the Remdesivir, but his O2 stats were very low, they put him on a BiPAP machine, which his stats went up to 98 percent on. The BiPAP machine. So I thought he was good. I thought well, he's not going to get the Remdesivir. His oxygen levels are up.

I left him there. I never talked to him or saw him again. Dead or alive. Never saw him again.

And I think that's the hardest thing of all of this, is we take them to the hospital to save their lives. And we never get to see them again. You know, we can't hold their hand, hug them, kiss them, love them. It's like, they're just they're stolen and killed.

And so here I am, he's not going to get the Remdesivir. So they admitted him to ICU. I got a call the next morning from the nurse practitioner, she said he agreed to the full ICU protocol and the Remdesivir.

And I said, Oh my God, you're a liar! He would never have agreed to that. I said, you better not give it to him.

They said, he already got it.

He already got it! And I was so mad. I said, don't you dare give him another dose, or I'm bringing over the army, you know?

And so she said, I'll discontinue it since it's really not going to help him much anyway. You know?

That night I got the call that they needed to vent him. He was struggling. And I couldn't talk to him. So I just thought, they had to do it. You know? So they vented him.

The very next morning they called and said he needed dialysis. His kidneys had shut down.

And I was like, Oh my God. This is it. He's not going to make it.

Well then the next couple days they turned the vent too high, both of his lungs collapsed. He had to have chest tubes in both lungs.

I'm sorry. What happened after that? Um, Lungs collapsed. I mean just everything that you can imagine went wrong.

Then they said they couldn't keep him, he was two different drips to try and keep his blood pressure up. They had to reventilate him. Finally I said, if his heart stops, let him go.

And very joyfully they let him go within a couple hours. I think they turned the drips off when I said that. And he just passed. And I never saw him. I never saw him again.

But I got his medical records. And not only did they do all that but they broke his jaw twice, ventilating him. They never told me. His jaw was broken twice.

I worked in hospitals my whole life. As a [inaudible] secretary, someone who processes all the doctors orders. I worked in ERs, ICUs, trauma units, I've never seen the state of health care that it is right now.

There's something very, very bad going on. Very, very bad.

And you know what, we can stand here and tell our stories, but the doctors need to fight to stop the protocols and to let them be doctors again. You know, doctors aren't doing this, protocols are.

But you know what, I went to my nurse practitioner a few days ago because she wouldn't refill my script unless she saw me, we talked about this. And I said to her— she's like, you don't have any idea the trauma that the nurses are going through because they saw so many people die. I said, did they never once, for one minute stop to think that maybe they're the ones giving the meds that kill the patients?

[loud clapping]

The doctor is ordering it, but they're the ones giving it. They can say no. They have a right to say no, they won't give a drug that they know will hurt a patient. So everybody just needs to stop this killing spree and stand up for what they took an oath for. You know? And I just, I don't know. But anyway. So instead of planning our 50th anniversary trip this year I'm planning a memorial service for my husband's family and friends to come up in December. So thank you.



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It’s great to have this evidence of foul play that some brave souls tried to share (

but who were shadow-banned, ignored

or discredited) now published and shared. Thank you Abir.

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