I like this little chat you virutally had with Elon.

I have to ask Elon: what if a secret society who hates black squirrels sent a mercenary to capture one of the rodents and she threw the little animal in a bag full of corn flour and then released it?

Poor Abir is too naive and does not know the black squirrels have enemies!

Tampering with evidence is a falsification, but not that kind of falsification.

When someone is not being sincere or open in the game of science (and I am pointing my finger to Google and all "big tech") then the well is being poisoned and no one should drink from there.

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Nice! Popper keeps coming up here and there.

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Nice but I think the term is inattentional blindness or perceptual blindness?

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A taste of Nicholas Taleb's tail of the happy thanksgiving turkeys aka 'the Black Swan' event. Fun.

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let the record show that lockdowns, masks and vaccines are ineffective because there is no evidence that any disease, but particularly 'covid', is caused by contagions https://georgiedonny.substack.com/p/seeing-is-believing



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