I woudl argue that a true elimination diet must start with total elimination of all but one or possibly two foods. Then one has to be clean and free of problems for long enough to establish a base and intoriduce ONE food at a time, again for long enough to see if probolems develop. Leaving a multitude of foods in the diet is a waste of time. I know that there are common triggers yet what triggers one may not affect another. We have to look at direct cause and effect in isolation else it is a waste of time and effort, and potentially very confusing if there is more than one variable.

The one food which will supply the human bpdy with everything needed is fresh fat meat from grass fed ruminant, e it sheep, cow or other. That will induce a clean state and other foods can be introduced if wanted. N of one but decades long inflammation and gut dysbiosis were resolved for me five years ago and in just a few weeks with no new problems. My name and avatar says it all.

Regardless, bottom line is if you want to do a proper elimination all bit one food needs to be eliminated. Proper scientific method see.....

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Powerful & informative article - thank you AB, much appreciated ...

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very good

what do you mean by "optimal" ?

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