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I cannot support this kind of action for the simple reasons that people must be allowed free choice. People are responsible for their own actions. I don't believe anyone has the right to impose their view on others and make it a crime if they do not support it.

Yes smoking can be harmful, but I would not agree the Worldometer data that "Smoking is the second cause of death globally". That data is highly manipulable and is a part of BMGF to drive an opinion for the WHO. There are more deaths caused by war and Government response. That was clearly demonstrated in the time of (convid19) by Prof D Rancourt excess death using all cause mortality data.

The other point is that the claims of second hand smoke (passive smoking) from cigarettes being dangerous has never been supported. It is simply fear mongering to get support for a cause of Busybodyism.

And then it must be taken into account that the attack on smoking was invented to extort money from an industry and punish its customers- Suggest this document (E86722 Seventh Futures Forum) is analyzed and the Godper Blueprint is studied.

I am an ex smoker who decided to stop. My whole family smoked and no one died of cancer.

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Totally. I wish we'd met when I worked in Public Health... I felt like a heretic!

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You’re drastically overstating the harms of nicotine itself; the vast majority of the harm is in the inhaled combustion. And you’re completely leaving out the many benefits of moderate nicotine usage.

Leaving all that aside though, people who want sustain certain vices should be free to. It’s not your life to live or “make better” or longer. What is this public health impulse to busybody at all times?

This is why we should outlaw the existence of “public health,” which has proved far more deleterious to human health than any cigarette. There’s only individual health. The public has no health. And pretending it does is a pretext for tyranny.

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Societies with socialized medicine (UK and much of Europe ) do NOT push smoking cessation. There were studies in the 1980’s and 90’s that showed smokers “died fasted”. Thereby saving money in the Government run health care.

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